Why You Need A Commercial Electrician For Your Yoga Spa

Posted on: 24 August 2022

Yoga spas are a popular way many people use to relax. They can participate in a yoga session and move on to a shower and massage. They may also decide to have a spa day filled with yoga, massage, relaxation and other amenities. If you are deciding to open your own yoga spa, one of the key services you need is a commercial electrician. Here are some of the ways an electrician service can help upgrade your yoga spa. 


Lighting is a vital part of any spa. It becomes increasingly vital when you are talking about a yoga spa. Different yoga classes need different moods. Music can help set that mood. However, a commercial electrician can install the lighting that will give a full atmosphere for your clients. Since some of the yoga classes and massage areas rely on a specific temperature, you may also want to have your electrician install LED lights. The LED gives off less heat than a traditional lighting option. The reduced heat helps to maintain the temperature of the space. 

Sound Installation

Having a suitable sound system is vital for each room of your yoga spa. You want to set the full environment for yoga sessions. This means adding special music or ambient sounds. The same is true for your massage areas. You may also want to have music playing in bathrooms and different spa areas, such as tanning beds. You also need a sound system that includes intercoms for easy contact. If you need one of your instructors, or if there is an emergency, having the right intercom is vital. 

Cove Lights

A cove lighting technique is used when meditation is brought into the yoga class. You may also decide to have mediation involved in your massage areas or saunas. The cove lighting helps to soften the light and reduce harsh lines. This gives a more relaxed and soft atmosphere for your clients. You may also want to have dimmer switches for this type of lighting. The switches will help set an appropriate lighting depending on the client and the type of meditation being used.

These are just a few of the ways a commercial electrician can help with your yoga spa design. They can also suggest different upgrades and  services you may not consider. When you are ready to have your electricity and service installed, contact your area's commercial electrician. They will schedule a time to discuss your building plans and the services they can offer you.