4 Reasons to Consider Fitting Your Home with USB Sockets

Posted on: 31 March 2023

It used to be that all home devices plugged into traditional sockets, but that's no longer the case. Many modern devices can be charged through a USB port. Smartphones are the most obvious example, but devices such as tablets, e-readers and Bluetooth headphones also commonly charge via a USB port.

Most people simply use USB plug adapters to charge such devices from sockets, but you can also opt to have your home fitted with USB sockets. These are just like regular sockets, only they also have a dedicated USB port above the main socket. Here are just four reasons why you should consider fitting your house with them.

1. Added Convenience

Fitting USB sockets means you'll greatly reduce your reliance on adapters, so you won't have to worry about finding one whenever you want to charge a device. You'll also free up space for plugging in other appliances. Rather than unplugging a bedside lamp whenever you want to charge your smartphone, then reversing that decision when you need the light, you'll have a dedicated input for both. As such, fitting USB sockets can make things far more convenient.

2. Reduced Risk of Overloads

Given how many devices need charging these days, it's common for people to overwhelm their sockets with multiple adapters and chargers. This isn't just inconvenient and messy — it also increases the risk of overloading switches and sockets, which can lead to fires. Instead, it makes sense to have a professional electrician install USB outlets in different locations to help reduce the risk of an overload.

3. Faster Charging

The majority of devices charged through a USB port are meant to be mobile, so you'll generally want them to charge as fast as possible. Sockets with USB ports can help make that happen since most include chips that can deliver optimal charging. As such, you should notice your devices reach full charge significantly faster when you charge via a USB socket instead of relying on the traditional adapter.

4. Added Efficiency

The fact that devices charge faster through USB sockets has the added benefit of increasing efficiency. Additionally, USB outlets are more efficient in general since they don't use standby power — that means devices won't consume energy when they are plugged in but turned off. It's true that the enhanced efficiency compared to charging via an adapter isn't going to save you thousands each month on your energy bills, but it only makes sense to save where you can.

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