Top Reasons to Confirm an Electrician's Accreditation Level Before Hiring

Posted on: 3 June 2021

Electrical faults in a business facility can cripple operations and lead to huge losses. Therefore, calling a licensed electrician whenever you experience an electrical issue is the best move. However, electricians are not the same because they hold different levels of accreditation. The certifications determine the type of services an electrician can offer. Therefore, before you call an electrician to repair any fault, determine their accreditation level first. Here is why.

Saves Repair Costs 

The decision to have one or more ASP accreditations is an electrician's prerogative. Thus, you can find an electrician with only Level 1 accreditation or one with all three levels of certification. Electricians holding a license in all three ASP levels tend to charge a premium because they can offer services that competition cannot. Therefore, you should first establish your facility's electrical needs to save costs. For instance, if you want a transformer repaired or an increase in capacity, you need the expertise of a Level 2 electrician. While a Level 3 provider can still offer the same service, they will charge you more due to their prominent presence in the market and extensive expertise.

Avoid Voiding Insurance Cover 

Electrical faults are a common cause of fires in commercial facilities, which is why an insurance policy is essential. However, insurers must conduct independent investigations to determine the cause of a fire before paying out compensation. Part of the investigation involves looking at maintenance and repair reports to find out the qualifications of every electrician you have worked with. If investigations reveal that the electrician you hired did not have the right credentials, your insurer might not pay for the damages. Therefore, you should ensure that only an electrician with the proper accreditation level handles the electrical repairs in your facility to avoid nullifying your insurance cover.

Prevent Avoidable Fires 

Safety is the primary reason you should let a professional handle all electrical faults in your commercial facility. Even if you know your way around electrical systems, the fact that you are not an electrician should be warning enough. If you hire an electrician without confirming their accreditation, you will be putting your facility at risk of fires. For instance, a Level 1 electrician is only allowed to repair electrical faults listed under their category. Therefore, if you let them repair defects that only a Level 2 service provider should handle, the likelihood of fire incidents increases. Therefore, always match a facility's electrical need with an electrician's accreditation. The proactive move goes a long way in preventing avoidable fires.

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