Outdoor Lighting Installation Tips to Maximise Efficiency and Durability

Posted on: 16 February 2021

Outdoor lighting can impact the safety and security of your home. A poorly-lit outdoor area can be a target for intruders. Thus, quality lighting wards off intruders and secures your premises. As you install outdoor lighting, here are four tips to maximise the fixtures' efficiency and durability.

Choose quality fixtures

Quality in lighting fixtures refers to the performance and durability of the bulbs. Quality lights should produce enough light to brighten your outdoor area. The bulbs should maintain their brightness level, or at least most of it, throughout their usable life. They should also have a long lifespan. As you shop around, look for quality LED bulbs, as these are both durable and energy-efficient. The bulbs should also be rated for outdoor use.

Mount the lights high

Aim high when installing outdoor lighting fixtures. Installing the lights low presents two major problems:

  1. The lights may be unable to light up the outdoors properly
  2. Low installations allow intruders to access and dismantle the lights

You can position entryway and porch lights at eye level or around two metres from the ground. However, security lights should be higher up. To maximise the performance of your fixtures, install them at least three metres from the ground. This height allows the lights to light up a large area while keeping them out of the reach of intruders.

Protect bulbs and wiring

Outdoor bulbs have electrical wiring that needs protection from the elements. Exposing wiring to moisture can increase electrical accidents and wear out the wiring. Therefore, use electrical wiring that's rated for outdoor use as it comes with a protective cover. Cover the outlets and ports with a protective cover to prevent contact with moisture. Buy protective covers for your outdoor bulbs to protect them from storms, heat and humidity. You can also use a mesh covering to protect the bulbs from intruders.

Use adequate fixtures

Using a few high-power outdoor lights may seem like a great idea. However, to increase your home's security, consider investing in multiple fixtures. High-power bulbs emit a lot of light, but they may not cover the entire outdoor space. This leaves blind spots and poorly lit areas that intruders can take advantage of. 

To remedy this issue, use multiple medium-power lights to illuminate the entire outdoor space. Pay attention to areas that tend to be poorly lit, such as around hardscapes and near the fence. When installed high up, multiple medium-power bulbs light the outdoors adequately, scaring off any would-be intruder.

Outdoor lighting plays a critical role in improving the security of your home. Therefore, consider the above things when installing the fixtures. Contact an electrical contractor for more information about installation services.