Items You Need Engraved in the Electrical Room of Your Business

Posted on: 17 November 2020

Every business has a room that holds electrical items including electrical boxes. These rooms can house many electrical items that may not be labelled properly. You may also have employees that do not know what is in the room or how to identify the items in the room if there is an issue requiring an electrician. Here are a few of those items and why you should have them engraved. 


Switchplates may already be marked, but sometimes those markings can fade considerably. If switch plates are engraved, you avoid this fading. Keep in mind, this does not just cover regular light switchplates. This can also cover switchplates for emergency shut off lines, power sources, or for timers. You can have what the switchplate links to as well as any additional markings such as directional markings for turning switches. 

Control Panels

Control panels are one of the most common engraving needs in businesses. For example, if you have a yoga studio, you may have lights and heating controls that are controlled by a central panel. Having the different gauges engraved can ensure that you are using the right lighting for the right room and for the right yoga practice. An example would be a hot yoga session. You need to have specific lights for the session as well as a higher temperature in the room than other yoga styles. Having these controls clearly marked will help you create the ambience for the room quickly and easily without confusion. 

Cable Tags

As a business owner, you know there are several cables running through the building. Some of these cables may be to computers throughout the building while others are for lighting or other power sources. Each of these tags should be labelled and usually are. The problem is they are often labelled with cardstock labels that fade and tear up overtime. Instead, go with a metal tag label that can be fixed onto the cables at different intervals throughout the building. Each one can be engraved, and you can colour code them if needed. 

If you have several electrical items in your business location that need engraving contact an electrician. They can come in and engrave, mark, and note the items you have. They can also give you a legend to go by to help you later if there is a breakdown with some of the items. If you have questions about how the engraving process works or registering any of the serial numbers or engraving markings, ask your electrician during the first consultation.