5 Obvious Signs You Need a Switchboard Upgrade

Posted on: 22 June 2020

Also known as an electrical box, fuse box or breaker box, a switchboard serves a vital role in your home. It helps distribute electrical power throughout different circuits. Additionally, you can shut down all power in your home through the switchboard. Here are five signs that clearly show you might require a switchboard upgrade.

Constant Short-Circuiting in Appliances

Older switchboards tend to trip or short-circuit often due to electrical overloading. They have an in-build mechanism that shields the circuit from possible overheating and fire risks. Most of the older switchboards can't handle high electrical loads present in modern homes. Therefore, if you experience frequent short-circuits in your appliances, consider upgrading your switchboard.

Constant Flickering of Lights

You may notice some flickering lights in your home, but this may be a small problem caused by improperly fixed bulbs. However, this issue may also result from loose wiring on your old fuse box. Slack installation can pose a fire risk. Hence, the best thing to do is to upgrade your switchboard.

Overcrowded Wiring

You should never take chances if your electrical box has overcrowded wiring. If you are planning to purchase newer home appliances, it'll be wise to consider a switchboard upgrade to guarantee their safety. 

Newer devices such as HVAC units or dry cleaning appliances require dedicated circuits. Therefore, it's vital to solicit help from a licensed electrician to upgrade your switchboard. The upgrade will help fix the overcrowding problem and accommodate newer appliances.

When Renovating Your Home 

Are you upgrading the size and functionalities of your home? If so, you'll require a switchboard upgrade as per the renovations you make. While small cosmetic upgrades won't need a full switchboard upgrade, significant home improvements like adding a whole floor level will require updating your breaker box.

It's thus prudent to hire a qualified electrician to assess what the existing switchboard will require. The inspection will help identify what to remove or add to maximise electrical efficiency in your home. Ideally, upgrading a home will increase its size and with it comes increased electrical usage. That's why a switchboard upgrade is paramount. 

Your Switchboard Still Has Traditional Fuses

Finally, because of safety and electrical concerns, electrical power standards change regularly. The current electrical standards are more advanced than those back in the '70s or '80s. You might be still using outdated switchboards that feature ceramic fuses. 

Older switchboards and fuses are some of the major causes of electrical fires. A switchboard upgrade is necessary to protect your family and property against electrical hazards. 

Final Thoughts

These five signs will inform your decision to upgrade your switchboard. Electrical jobs are risky, and you must never attempt upgrading the switchboard by yourself. Work with a certified electrician who has experience in fixing switchboards. 

Speak with a professional about more signs that you need a switchboard upgrade