Two reasons to have your commercial premises rewired

Posted on: 21 June 2017

Having your premises' electrical system rewired may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, there are numerous benefits to doing so. Here are two reasons why you might want to consider having this work done.

To enhance the functionality of the space

Most modern businesses use a wide range of electrically-powered technology for managing their day-to-day operations. Most offices have dozens of computers, as well as multiple printers, photocopiers, shredders and projectors.

Older buildings, with electrical systems that were installed long before this technology became commonplace, do not usually have the large number of plug outlets required for using dozens of electrical goods simultaneously. This can leave business owners with no choice but to use extension leads. Plugging several electrical items into a single socket by using an extension lead can result in the socket becoming overloaded which, in turn, can increase the risk of an electrical fire occurring.

Even in instances where there are enough plug sockets, older electrical systems are simply not designed to handle the number of electrical items that are typically used in commercial buildings these days. Given this, these systems are far more likely to malfunction when pushed beyond their capacity; you may notice, for example, that your premises' circuit breaker trips or its fuses blow on a regular basis. These are both signs that the electrical system is being overloaded.

As such, if your commercial space is located in an older building which has not been rewired in a few decades, it might be worth having the electrical system replaced. This will not only spare your employees the hassle of having to search for a free plug socket or an extension lead when they need to use an electrical item but will mean that you won't find yourself distracted from running your business by annoyances like blown fuses.

To protect your clients and employees

Over the course of several years, electrical wiring will deteriorate. The protective covering can crack, or even begin to melt if the system overheats regularly because its sockets are frequently overloaded. This deterioration is far more serious than you might think; it can significantly increase the likelihood of a major electrical fire occurring on your premises.

Should a fire break out during business hours, when both your employees and clients are in the building, it could result in them suffering injuries related to heat exposure and smoke inhalation. If the fire is not contained quickly enough, it could even cause fatalities.

Given this, if you have noticed that your premises' electrical system seems to be defective (for instance, if the plug sockets often feel very hot to the touch and the lights tend to flicker a lot), and the building itself is quite old, it would be prudent to have a commercial electrician rewire the system as soon as possible.