Ways to Prolong the Shelf Life of Your Car Battery

Posted on: 8 June 2017

Although your vehicle comprises numerous components, its battery is essential for the overall functionality of the car. Because of the heavy usage that the battery is exposed to, it is bound to require replacement after some time. Moreover, the car battery is also exposed to high heat, which also affects its longevity. If you do not know how best to care for your car battery, you will find that you are replacing it much more frequently than normal. Here are some of the ways that you could prolong the shelf life of your car battery:

Ensure that your car battery stays cool

Your car batteries will inevitably be exposed to high temperatures when you are driving, and this is unavoidable. Nevertheless, there are measures that you can take to keep your battery cool when your vehicle is not in use. In general, you should ensure that your car is typically parked under shade or shelter to prevent the battery from being exposed to excessive amounts of heat. By keeping your car in the shade when it is not in use, you avoid the spurring on of chemical reactions in your battery, which would reduce the rate at which your battery declines.

Ensure that the connections are clean

One of the mistakes that you could make as a motorist is leaving battery maintenance exclusive to car servicing. You may be trying to save yourself the time and energy, but you will also be cutting short the life of your battery. An essential maintenance measure that all car owners should embark on is cleaning the battery connections. Over time, grime is deposited in the various terminals, and this will impede the flow of electric currents from your battery to your car's system. Moreover, not cleaning up the dirt in good time would cause it to become embedded on the terminals and can cause the onset of rust. It is advisable to invest in a wire brush that would make it easier for you to remove any dirt that has started to collect at the terminals. While engaging in battery maintenance, inspect the cables for any fraying or signs of damage and have them replaced as needed.

Ensure you turn off the electrical system

Your vehicle's electrical system makes operating your car all the more convenient as you can make a myriad of changes with a simple push of a button for example power windows, the stereo and more. Nevertheless, these different electronics are notorious for causing parasitic loads on your car battery. If they are constantly on, your battery keeps releasing small electrical currents that will eventually deplete its power. It is recommended to ensure all electronics are turned off when your vehicle is not in use so that your battery gets sufficient time to discharge properly.