How Your Industrial Company Can Benefit From Electrical Engraving

Posted on: 28 November 2016

Industrial environments aren't just collections of workers and machinery. They are also full of information, from health and safety notices to compliance plates, directions for visitors and corporate logos. All of this information needs to be displayed in a way that can be clearly read and won't degrade.

Printing is one option, but there's a much more effective solution. By bringing in electrical engraving experts, you can imprint your machinery with identification and compliance information in a way that lasts for years, and this can be completed to an incredibly high resolution with a professional appearance. Here are some of the ways that engraving can benefit your company.

Secure Your Equipment from Theft

Industrial premises are a goldmine for thieves. From the cables you use to your tools and even the metal in your heavy plant, almost everything in workshops, factories or warehouses can be sold elsewhere. When this happens, if the authorities can't identify your property, problems can arise. After all, generic plates or steel cabling are hard to tell apart when they've been jumbled up with masses of scrap.

One way to make it easy to retrieve your property is to use laser engraving to add your corporate logo or address onto your cables and other equipment. If you assess any components as being at risk of theft, a small mark is all it takes to prove that it belongs to you, and most thieves won't suspect that it even exists.

Ensure that You Meet Compliance Standards

Compliance is another handy benefit of using laser engraving on your machinery and components. Whether you use heavy transformers or printing presses, every piece of industrial equipment used in Australia has to comply with federal regulations and this compliance needs to be documented, preferably on the device itself. It doesn't just help inspectors, it also aids your own maintenance staff when sourcing spare parts.

You could use printed plates to display compliance information, but engraved plates tend to be more suitable. They last longer, are less prone to being scratched away and won't fade as quickly when exposed to direct sunlight (which is often an occupational hazard in Australian settings).

Create Visible, Branded Safety Plates

Along with very fine resolution identity engravings and compliance plates, industrial environments also tend to need larger signs and engraving can be ideal for these as well. For example, a high-quality engraved safety notice informing staff about toxic materials or fire risks can be more durable than a printed equivalent. Metallic plates are also preferable in situations where caustic or corrosive materials are present, as they won't degrade so quickly, and the text can be made crystal clear for all workers and visitors to read.

There are also more cosmetic benefits of engraved plates. Branded plates featuring your business' logo are an excellent way to advertise your company to visitors and reinforce a professional atmosphere.