Faulty Outdoor Lighting: 2 Common Problems

Posted on: 7 November 2016

Outdoor lighting is a beautiful thing. It allows you to see where you are going on long dark winter evenings and lets you sit out on your porch during those warm summer nights. If you have noticed that your outdoor electrical lights have not been working properly, it is time to investigate the cause further. After all, no one wants to risk a fall caused by winter ice or to be sat in the dark all summer. Below is a guide to two common outdoor lighting problems.


If you notice that the bulbs in your outdoor light are not lasting very long, you should check the light for signs of damage. If the glass or plastic which surrounds the light becomes cracked or damaged, it may allow moisture to accumulate within the lamp fitting. This moisture can cause rust and corrosion to build up on the electrical contact points. The rust and corrosion can cause the bulb socket to overheat causing the bulb to explode.


If your porch light is flickering or not working at all, this could be caused by damaged wiring. Pests such as mice and rats will often chew through electrical wiring. As well as causing your outdoor lighting to flicker or fail, damage caused by pest could also create a fire hazard within your home. If the exposed wires come into contact with each other, they may short circuit and overheat or spark.

You should first inspect any external wiring by tracing the wire from the outside light down to where to enters your home. You should look for signs that the plastic surrounding the wire has been damaged or exposed. If you notice any cracks in the plastic casing, you can carry out a quick DIY repair by covering the damaged area using electrical tape. However, this is not a long term fix. You should eventually replace the damaged wiring with a new section of wire.

If you cannot spot any damage to the external wiring, it is possible that pests have damaged the internal wiring in your walls. To test this wiring, you will need to call an electrician.

If you are experiencing problems with your outside lighting or other electrical items, you should contact a local electrical servicing company. They will send a qualified electrical engineer to inspect the electrical systems in your home so they can diagnose the problem and carry out any necessary work.