Steps to Take if Your Property is Flooded

Posted on: 12 October 2016

If your home has been recently flooded due to extreme weather or a broken pipe, you should not attempt to enter the property until you have been authorised to do so by the local or state authorities. Entering a flooded property could potentially put you at risk of electrocution. That is why it is important to take the proper steps to ensure your home is safe. 

Drain the water

Once the pipe has stopped leaking or the storm has blown over, flood waters may remain in your home. You should avoid entering a property which has a large volume of standing water within it. You should call a contractor who will be able to pump the flood water out of your property and into the local sewer system.

Have the electrical systems inspected

You should never switch on an electrical breaker panel without first having it inspected by a fully qualified electrical repair contractor. Even if the property and its wiring look as if they have dried out, there could still be moisture trapped behind walls and in other cavities. An electrical repair contractor will be able to inspect the electrical systems within your home thoroughly. If the contractor finds any signs of damage, they will be able to repair or replace the affected components or wiring. Once the electrical contractor is happy that the electrical system is in good working order, they will give you permission to turn on the power supply to your home.

Dry out your property

Once you have permission to re-enter the property and you have had the electrical systems checked and repaired, you can begin drying out your home. It is important that you wear the proper personal safety equipment when re-entering your home. This equipment should include eye protection, gloves, sturdy boots and a face mask. If your property was flooded for some time, mould and mildew might have begun to grow, and this can lead to the release of damaging spores which can damage your lungs and can also create highly slippery surfaces. You should dispose of any water damaged furniture and then open all of the windows to allow air to enter the property and mop the floor surfaces to remove any build up of dirt or debris.

If you have any questions about the dangers posed by electricity in a flooded home, contact a professional electrical repair company today for further information and advice.